"We’re Not Like A Regular Staffing Agency..."

How We Do Business

We're Not Trying To Sell You or Market You Around to Multiple Clients

Business leaders put their trust in us to exclusively recruit the right person for their key roles, and your success as a career seeker is equally as important to us. We value your time, your career goals, and focus on mutually-beneficial, lasting relationships. And if it’s not the right fit, we’ll let you know, and we’ll let you know why. You can always expect a fully transparent relationship with us.

Our Approach

How It Works With You & Our Clients

retained search services approach
Step 1

Client Engagement Launch 

A client will hire Helios HR to serve as their dedicated recruiter for a particularly important role they are seeking a new hire for. We begin by understanding their full needs and wants for the position, gaining insight into their culture, leadership styles, and future growth initiatives. Next, they paint a picture of the ideal candidate and how they could be successful in the role. From there, we analyze the requirements, conduct a salary benchmark, give feedback and create the position overview to begin our search.  

How We Find You

To identify people like you who may be a potential candidate, we leverage industry-leading tools, resources, and our established networks as recruiting consultants. Perhaps we found your profile on LinkedIn and reached out, met a career fair, or maybe your interest peaked after seeing the job posted on a career board. 

retained search services approach
Recruitment Services Approach Getting to Know You
Step 2

Getting to Know You

Once we’ve reviewed your resume and there is a job with requirements that match, we will connect with you. We will share more about the role and conduct an initial interview. In this conversation we want to learn your experience, career goals and drivers, the type of environment you want to be in, desired salary and benefits, etc. We focus on active listening to understand what’s really important to you and quickly gauge if it’s in alignment with our client’s available opportunity. 

Preparing You for the Next Step 

If we both think our client’s opportunity could be in alignment with your career goals, we will have a further conversation to help prepare you for the next step. If our client’s opportunity isn’t right for you, we will also let you know. Depending upon our interaction together, we may provide guidance on how to enhance your resume, conduct a mock-interview together, and/or give you feedback based on our initial experience.

Recruitment Services Approach Getting to Know You
Step 3

Introducing You to our Client 

Once you and our client are ready to be introduced, we will explain our client’s interview process and coordinate the scheduling of the in-person or virtual interview(s) and details.

Getting and Giving Mutual Feedback

After the interview process has been conducted, we will ask for feedback from you and our client about your experiences. If it’s not the right opportunity for you, we want you to be open with us. In return, we will share feedback from our client too. We want you to be happy and succeed just as much as we want our client to make the right hire. 

recruitment services how it works the-offer-stage[1]
Step 4

The Offer Stage

If our client believes you are the right candidate for the role, we will then extend an offer on their behalf, explain their benefits, and answer any questions you may have for acceptance. During this time, we also have conversations with your references and conduct background checks. 

Ensuring a Smooth Transition to Your New Job!

The final stage in our process is coordinating with you and our client’s team to ensure you are both ready for your onboarding and assimilation on your first day.

recruitment services how it works the-offer-stage[1]
Career Search

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Discover if we have an opportunity that aligns with your career goals whether it’s with us here at Helios HR or one of our clients. Explore the open positions available with us today.